New Features of 0.13

If you would rather watch a video of all the new features, you can watch the Factorio 0.13 Update Overview created by created by community member and youtuber MangledPork Gaming.

Multiplayer Matching Server connectivity.

In 0.13 we have the new multiplayer matching server and server browser. This will let you find games of people online join your friends and other stuff. Server games are published to the server and clients can browse existing games.

The first thing you will notice is the new multiplayer menu. When you click on 'Browse Public games' you will be asked to log in to your factorio account.

From here you can browse any games that are public on the matching server, you can select a filter, search for specific names, and see game details about the servers. You can sort the search by name, players or playtime.

To host a game on the matching server, click the 'New game' or 'Load game' button in the multiplayer menu, and you after selecting a map, you will have multiple options for hosting your game.

By checking the 'Verify User Identity' box, you will require any player who connects to your game to be logged into a factorio account.

You can also play games over LAN using the same interface, but you won't be required to log in to use it.

Server Admin commands

The server now has the ability to use specific multiplayer commands, while having the enable commands checkbox unselected. The first player who hosts the game will be the admin, and there are many commands which they can run. The admin can kick, ban/unban, and promote other players to admin. Regular players can also use specific multiplayer commands now, such as setting color, reading evolution factor, viewing player list and more. Type /help in game to find out a list of all the commands.

When running a server, you can set the server to listen for RCON connections. To use this, specify both the --rcon-port and --rcon-password parameters on the command line. The network protocol is specified here.

One last change is the server can now be started with the parameter --start-server-load-latest, which will automatically load the latest save game in the saves folder.

Mod portal

The mod portal is the in-game and online way to download and install mods. You can browse mods, search for specific mods, view details and download them all from in game. This is still highly experimental and feature incomplete, but development of the in-game and online portal will continue.

You can check out the mod portal website here, where you can upload a mod, browse existing mods, rate and comment on mods. Uploading a mod requires you to pick one of the available licenses, or to specify your own.
As with the multiplayer matching server, using the in game mod portal requires you to login with your Factorio website account, and to download mods from the website also requires a login.


In 0.13 there is now a new achievement system.

Achievements can be unlocked by fulfiling certain criteria in the game, such as producing 20k Iron plate in an hour, or finishing the game without the use of solar panels. We hope the achievements will allow players to explore new and different ways of building their fatories, by supplying a set of interesting yet optional limitations in the gameplay.

Achievements can only be reported to steam if the current game is not using any mods, and entering any LUA console commands (/c game.do_something) during a game will disable the unlocking of any achievements for that map. Other commands such as /color, /kick /ban etc. will not disable achievments.

Better Rail Building

The old system of building rails has been completely redone, and now all rails are placed using the rail planner. Once you place a piece of rail, you can then click over it, and begin using the rail planner.

The rail planner will try to find a path from the initial rail, and the position of your mouse cursor. By clicking on a rail piece, while holding a rail in your cursor, you will enter manual rail building mode, where you can only find paths up to 10 rails long.
If you hold shift while you click on the rail, you enter the ghost rail planning mode. When in this mode you can search for paths of any length, between the initial rail and the mouse cursor, and when you click again it will lay ghosts in the path that was planned.

By holding shift while searching of a path in ghost-place mode,it will ignore any trees that are in the way, and mark them for deconstruction if they are in the way of any planned rail. Pressing the rotate key while holding the ghost planner will find solutions for a rotated final rail.
As you can see the rail planner can make extremely complex and unique rail designs possible, and allows for easy and intuitive building of your rail network.

Train Wait Conditions

The new train conditions allow you to more precisely control when a train will leave a station. These simple, yet powerful conditions allow greater flexibility and efficiency of your rail system, while simplifying some of the frustrating and unintuitive aspects of previous train schedule management.

Train GUI

The train Gui shows an overview of all the trains you have in your factory, as small minimaps with the schedule underneath. By clicking on any minimap, you will be brought to that trains specific gui, where you can set its schedule and see its status more clearly. You can use the search feature to filter the train by scheduled stops, making management of really large networks more simple.

Train station window

Train station window contains a list of all trains (each can be opened) that have that station on their schedule. New train window will show what trains are scheduled to each stop

Single train Gui

Single train gui now has an additional panel which shows the minimap / camera view with the given train. From this gui you can set the trains schedule and wai condition, preview it in the side panel, and even change the color of the locomotive.

Train and rail placement idicators

The Signal placement indicator is a small visual aid to more easily see where on your rails it makes sense to place signals. The available locations will show as green squares, and will respect the direction of your 1-way systems. This makes it easy to see if you have made any mistakes or miscalculations when building your rail junctions, and will make the system easier to become familiar with.

The train position indicator will highlight an outline of where wagons will align to the tracks relative to a train stop or signal.

Blueprint improvements

The new blueprint book will allow you to store up to 30 blueprints in a single item, useful to store and manage your blueprints, without sacrificing a large amount of your inventory space. You can have multiple books in your inventory, and can edit their names.

You can also scroll with the mouse wheel while holding the blueprint book in the cursor to change which blueprint is selected.

Blueprints can now be edited after they have been created, you can remove entites frm the blueprint, change the name and edit the icon. To remove an entity, simply right-click on it in the blueprint gui, and to un-remove it, left-click on its ghost. Blueprints can also toggle whether to include modules, entities and tiles.

Technology Tree

The new technology tree will show the prerequisite technologies and any that require this technology.

By highlighting a technology, it will show the path for the required technologies and those which it allows. By clicking on a different technology icon, it will switch focus to that technology. This system will adapt for any new mods you add to the game.

Search in gui

There is a new search feature in the technology menu, crafting menu and train gui, which will search through all the recipes, even any mods, and will show only those which fit the search term. You can access the search by click on the magnifyer icon or by pressing CONTROL + F.

Added fire system

The new fire system in 0.13 allows for a level of automated environmental destruction previously impossible. Watch as entire forests ignite and burn with flames, as the local inhabitants succumb to the heat. The new fire damages all around it, and spreads itself among trees. This powerful new system is very effective for clearing out large areas of enemies.

The handheld flamthrower and flamethrower turret both shoot a stream of burning fluid toward the enemy, which combusts into a blazing wall when it hits the ground. Any enemies caught in it will catch on fire and take large amounts of damage, any trees near the fire will also start to burn. There is no way to stop the fire, except for cutting down any trees in its path. Burning trees can release huge amounts of pollution, so be careful not to overdo it, or you might be the one feeling the heat.

Stack inserter and Inserter changes

The new stack inserter brings with it a new mechanic for how inserters move items to and from belts. Before they would only pickup a single item, now all inserters can grab and place multiple items on belts at the same time.

The new stack inserter is a specialized and powerful addition to the range of inserters, allowing a maximum of 12 items placed or picked up from a belt in a single rotation. It has a large cost and power usage, but it is a must have for any high capacity setups.

The stack size research will affect all types of inserters, with technology increasing the stack size capacity, and only intermittent levels increasing general inserter levels.
There is also the stack filter inserter, combining the stack inserters massive throughput and the filter inserters ability to only move certain items.

Circuit network improvements

The 0.13 update brings with it a large number of additions and changes to the circuit network system. Most notable is allowing more entities to be connected to the circuit network. Connecting an entity now also shows a small connector sprite, to allow you to more easily see what you have connected. These entities can also be connected to a logistic network if they are within range.

There is also the addition of the circuit network entity gui, which is a way to easily change and configure the behaviour of a connected entity.

There is also the addition of the new power switch. This can be used to manually or automatically connect and disconnect multiple electric networks. This is especially useful for implementing emergency backup power, but can be used flexibly for any number of tasks.

With these changes comes some removals. Since all inserters and chests can now be connected to the circuit network, the smart chest and smart inserter have both been removed. The smart inserter has no been replaced by the filter inserter, and any chest can match the smart chests functionality.

Improvements to the Electric network and Production GUI

The produciton and electric network info guis can now be filtered by item. By left clicking on a item icon, only that item will be shown, and by right clicking you will exclude only that item from the graph. You can toggle items on and off as you wish, and reset them with the top right button.

You can also see a display of the total number of items ever produced, using the new 'all' tab.

Other Tweaks and Additions

Find out the full list of changes on the changelog on the Forum